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Homeschooling Fact Check: Approval Letters

This week we continue our Homeschooling Fact Check series in which we examine some of the most common questions we receive and some of the biggest myths about homeschooling in Massachusetts. If you have questions or topics you'd like to suggest for this series, you can email us at


You need to get an approval letter from your town in order to homeschool.

Reading the Law:

While the case law in Massachusetts indicates that homeschooling plans must be approved, it no where mentions approval letters. In practice, many towns do send letters to communicate that plans have been approved but not all do so. Once the parents have submitted what Charles requires, they have fulfilled their responsibility. If the school disapproves the plan, they must contact the family, not the other way around.


False. You do not need a letter in order to homeschool. However, many homeschoolers feel more confident with a letter in hand. If your town does not send one, you can request one.