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Homeschooling Fact Check: Forms and Applications

This week we continue our Homeschooling Fact Check series in which we examine some of the most common questions we receive and some of the biggest myths about homeschooling in Massachusetts. If you have questions or topics you'd like to suggest for this series, you can email us at


Homeschooling forms should never be filled out.

Reading the Law:

Forms are not mentioned in the case law that governs homeschooling in Massachusetts.** The question of whether homeschoolers are required to fill out town-created forms has not come before a court. Therefore this is a gray area.


False. We cannot say at this time that forms should never be filled out. However, be aware that some forms distort what the law requires from an education plan. As always, what’s important is to know your rights and responsibilities as a homeschool parent. See the links below for a longer discussion on forms and methods for dealing with them.

Read all the major cases affecting homeschooling in Massachusetts here.