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Homeschooling Fact Check: Approval

This week we begin a new series we are calling Homeschooling Fact Check in which we examine some of the most common questions we receive and some of the biggest myths about homeschooling in Massachusetts. If you have questions or topics you'd like to suggest for this series, you can email us at


It is your right to homeschool; you do not need to be approved by your town.

Reading the Law:

CARE AND PROTECTION OF CHARLES & others, 399 Mass. 324 (1987) acknowledges that the parents of school-age children possess a basic constitutional right in directing their children’s education but balances this with the State’s legitimate educational interests (Charles at 324). It further requires that the parents submit to [their district] a home schooling proposal... for its approval... (Charles at 333).


Partially true. While it is the parents' right to home educate their children, Massachusetts law does require approval of an education plan. Perhaps the best way to phrase it is this: You do not need to apply or ask to homeschool, but you do need to have your education plan approved.

You can read all the major cases affecting homeschooling in Massachusetts on the AHEM website.