Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc.

Behind the Scenes at AHEM: Amy Faeskorn

This series profiles the volunteer board members of AHEM who answer your phone calls and emails; keep the AHEM website updated; follow MA legislation; maintain the homeschool policy and practice database; and dream up and make happen events and programs like Fall Fair, Spring Fling, Getting Started Homeschooling workshops, regional coops, and the Slow Homeschooling podcast.

Amy Faeskorn and Malcolm, ready to help!

Amy lives in Swampscott with her husband, daughter, son, and West Highland White Terrier. She discovered the writings of John Taylor Gatto in 2001 while teaching English as a Second Language in the Boston Public Schools and was forever changed by them. Her two children have been homeschooled since 2006. Her family embraces an unschooling philosophy, which teaches her a lot about loving children for who they are and who they will become. She appreciates how homeschooling allows her family to learn, grow, and live together at home and out in the world.

Amy had the pleasure of meeting John Taylor Gatto at a conference in 2011, at which time he signed her dog-eared copy of A Different Kind of Teacher and advised her to explore her curiosity cut-offs, which include American history, improvisation, nonfiction writing, quilting, and knitting. Although her days of traveling to and living in countries such as Ecuador, Germany, and Morocco are behind her, she feels most alive when exploring new places and experiences. She and her family enjoy walking their dog along the beach just minutes from their house, riding their bicycles, noodling around on guitar, baking, and questioning just about everything.

Amy has been a volunteer with AHEM since 2013 and a board member since 2016. She enjoys giving back to an organization that does so much to inspire and inform and looks forward to continued opportunities to serve fellow homeschooling families.