Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc.

Sample Education Plan

Education Plan for CHILD'S NAME/AGE

This education plan is submitted in accordance with the Charles decision:

We will cover the following subjects:

[Choose from the following subjects listed in Chapter 69 and Chapter 71 of the Massachusetts General Laws, or make up your own, keeping in mind your plan must equal in thoroughness and efficiency that of the school, but does not have to replicate their offerings...]

  • orthography
  • reading
  • writing
  • the English language and grammar
  • geography
  • arithmetic
  • drawing
  • music
  • the history and constitution of the United States
  • the duties of citizenship
  • health education
  • physical education and good behavior
  • mathematics, science, and technology
  • history and social science
  • foreign languages
  • the arts

[Next, list a few materials/resources for each of the subjects that you've chosen from the list above. Here are some examples. If you have specific titles for any subject, you can include them:]

  • Internet
  • reference books and materials
  • library books, CDs, magazines, etc.
  • games
  • computer software and online services
  • calculating and measuring tools and utensils
  • arts & crafts supplies
  • writing supplies
  • musical instruments
  • science lab equipment
  • sports equipment
  • community resources (such as museums, stage performances, sports programs, private lessons, volunteer opportunities)
  • More ideas

OR [instead of listing specific materials, state the following:]

We will be using a variety of materials and resources, a list of which will be made available to the TOWN school department upon request.

[Include a statement about days and hours. Choose one of the following:]

We will meet or exceed


We will provide the equivalent of

the 180 days, 900/990 hours of instruction required yearly in the public schools. [Whichever way you prefer to phrase it.]

[Include a statement about parental qualifications:]

We are of competent ability and good morals OR summarize your “academic credentials or other qualifications.” [You do not need to be a certified teacher, nor are you required to have a college degree.]

[Include a statement about evaluation:]

An annual progress report OR dated work sample OR standardized test results [parents pick one] will be submitted upon request. [Leave out "upon request" if you know they are going to ask.]


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