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Field Trip Survey Results

Recently we asked for your field trip suggestions across New England. Many of you responded, telling us your favorites and your hidden gems. Since we got so many good responses, we present the information in two sections: Science & Nature and Museums & History, and more.

How often do you go?

One of the biggest advantages of homeschooling is the freedom it gives to explore new places, and to do so at off-peak hours. So how often are homeschoolers in Massachusetts getting out there? We found that there is really a range—80% of you are getting out there anywhere from once a week to once a quarter. Some only manage a field trip a few times a year (15%) but some diehards (5%) are getting out more than once a week!

Where do you go?

With history all around us, lots of natural beauty, and tons of culture, there is no shortage of field trip options in New England. So where are you going?

Science & Nature

Top Recommendation

Not surprisingly, the Boston Museum of Science got the most recommendations in this category, but there are many other options across the region as well:

Museums, Zoos, & Aquariums


Orchards & Pick-Your-Own

Maple Sugaring Tours

Outdoor Activities

Nature Areas and Trails

And a couple of you wanted us to know that we should get out to our local playground or any local hiking trail!

Museums & History

Most Recommendations

The big winner in our survey, with 10 votes, was the living history museum Old Sturbridge Village (OSV) in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. OSV is a reconstructed 1830s-era village which also has regular homeschool days.

Top Museums

A number of museums made our list. Some of your favorites were:

(Note: Science museums included in our next edition.)

Pro Tip: A couple of you reminded us that some museums have reciprocal memberships so if you get a family membership at one, you may be able to visit other area museums for a free or reduced rate.

Favorite Historical Sites

There is a lot of history in New England. To get some hands-on, in-person learning, you recommended the following:

Hidden Gems

Factories & Stores

Religious Sites