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Homeschooling Teens: The World Is Your Oyster

Homeschooling high school is great preparation for life after homeschooling, helping to hone dreams and skills to attain what you want. You get to live your life now, not just “prepare” for the future. It allows for:

What about socializing?

The norm in our culture is school, which means having a set group of peers with whom you spend all day, every day. In the real world, that’s not how people meet and make friends. They do meet people and make friends though, in various settings. Just because you are a high school aged homeschooler, doesn’t mean all your friends have to be high school aged homeschoolers.

According to psychologist and friendship expert Marisa Franco some strategies for making friends at any age include:

Join an established group in your community to meet new people:

Create your own opportunities to meet people through shared interests

Proactively creating opportunities to pursue interests and meet people is a skill that will serve you well throughout life. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing. What excites you? Start there.





Pick a book, a date in the future, and a place to meet. Get together. Discuss. Snacks required!


Invite crafters to sit, talk, learn from each other, and admire each other’s creations.



Get together to focus on a particular game like chess, Scrabble, Magic, or D&D or just ask attendees to bring their favorite card or board games to share.

Music lover?


Organize hikes to explore outside. This can go in a lot of different directions: You can incorporate animal tracking, discover edible plants, whittling, bird watching, forest bathing... or not!


Get together to write, using prompts or working on your own story. Share or not!

Keep in Mind

Most of these ideas are low cost or free. For each one you can:

Don’t be discouraged if turnout is low. Sometimes fewer people means it’s easier to get to know each other.

In addition to whatever social networking platforms you have at your disposal, AHEM has resources to help you connect with others:

Good luck!