Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc.

Library Love Letter

By Sophia Sayigh

I used to gather weekly with a group of pre-teen homeschooled boys at a table in the local public library for the editorial board meeting of their quarterly magazine, Dr. Information. Dr. Information featured a regular column called Dr. Information Prescribes. The boys came up with a topic, be it books, games, movies, music or places to go, and they brainstormed some of their favorites to list. One issue's topic was Destinations and in the midst of various fun spots such as local ski resorts, amusement parks, and bowling alleys, I heard a loud suggestion of Robbins Library, followed by a chorus of agreement. No sarcasm here: the local public library was truly one of their favorite destinations.

Twenty years later, public libraries, adept at changing with the times to meet local community needs, remain gold mines for families engaged in home-based education.

AHEM surveyed homeschoolers to see what they most want from libraries, and found that most of what they desire, many libraries already offer:

If your local library doesn’t offer something that you’d like to see, talk to a Children's or Reference librarian.

AHEM has Considering Homeschooling brochures that you can offer to a librarian, while introducing yourself as a local homeschooler. Want a few? Just ask! And then let your librarian know what you love about the library, and how the library can make you love it even more.

Sophia Sayigh, is a co-founder of Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc., a professional librarian, and the mother of two adult children, neither of whom went to school until college. She has supported families through volunteer work as a breastfeeding counselor, contributing homeschool support group member, and green burial outreach. She is also the author of a fictional book featuring homeschoolers, Unschoolers.