Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc.

Town Point People

AHEM is building a list of town or school district-specific point people for homeschooling families. As the Town Point Person you would connect new families with others in your town or district. Exactly how you would do this would be up to you. Maybe you would organize an email group or text chain or database of homeschoolers in your area, or monthly meet-ups, or a virtual parents meeting, or maybe it would look completely different from any of these suggestions, or incorporate all of them! These groups would not be AHEM groups—they would be mutual support groups taking whatever form you feel would work for you as the point person.

Basic responsibilities:

Town Point People must be current AHEM subscribers.

AHEM will offer monthly Google Meets for town point people to support each other (attendance optional) and we will steer people your way.

Are you interested?

Fill out the volunteer application here.

An AHEM representative will be in touch.

Thanks for your interest!