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Home with Kids in the Time of COVID-19

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By Sophia Sayigh

Maybe you have subscribed to our list or are visiting our website because you have unexpectedly found yourself at home all day with your kids. You may have seen some blog posts and articles with suggestions for how to manage having kids around all day. I know I have. Some pressure parents to impose school-like schedules on kids so that kids won’t fall behind. Here I have tried to draw on the wisdom of practicing homeschoolers in these difficult times. Trying to recreate school at home can be stressful. And goodness knows, none of us need more stress in our lives right now. So here is a short list of tips for being around your kids 24/7 that have been successful strategies for many a homeschooling family:

I don’t want to minimize the challenges of these times. It can be daunting to have your kids around all the time, and to feel responsible for every aspect of their learning, even if you are homeschooling by choice! So be kind to yourself and trust your children have the potential to not only be OK out of school, but to actually thrive, as so many homeschoolers have done.

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