Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts, Inc.

Considering Homeschooling Brochures

Remember when you were considering homeschooling but you weren’t sure where to find information about it?

AHEM’s Considering Homeschooling brochure cuts to the chase with information on deciding to homeschool and getting started homeschooling in Massachusetts.

We’d love your help in getting more of them into the hands of people who need them: young families wondering about the homeschool option; parents of kids who are suffering in school and aren’t sure where to turn; librarians who often get questions about homeschooling.

There are lots of helpful and effective ways to distribute the brochure:

  • Leave a few at your public library with the Reference or Children’s Librarian.
  • Hand some out at informal gatherings like park days and support meetings.
  • Keep a few to mail to individuals who contact you looking for more information.
  • Stash some in a glove compartment or backpack so that they're on hand when you need them.
  • Leave a couple or post one anywhere that it’s OK to leave free literature or post informational notices.

  • AHEM would be happy to provide you with copies of the brochure. Just email AHEM with name, address, and number of pamphlets desired and we'll get them right out to you.

    Thanks for your help!