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Meet Massachusetts Homeschoolers

We want to hear your story

We've had great feedback about our Meet Massachusetts Homeschoolers series. Every homeschooling journey is unique. Maybe you have a story about why you decided to homeschool or how you educate. Maybe there is that one field trip or project that you think could inspire others. Or maybe you just want to share a day in the life of your family. Whatever your homeschooling story, we'd love to tell it in our Meet Massachusetts Homeschoolers series. (There is no age limit—stories from and by kids are welcome!) 

If you are interested in submitting your story, here are the guidelines:

  • 500 – 750 words.
  • You can make your own deadline or ask for one.
  • The piece will be published at the discretion of AHEM and is subject to editing.
  • The writer will see/can approve the edited version before publication if desired.
  • If published, the piece may appear in an AHEM email and on our website.
  • You will retain your copyright to the piece.

Questions or ready to send us your piece?