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Sample Education Plan

The following education plan is a sample that has been accepted as written by school districts in Massachusetts. Please read through the Tips for Writing Your Education Plan page for further information on customizing and submitting your own plan according to the Charles and Brunelle decisions.

1. Read Tips for Writing Your Education Plan.

2. Review sample education plan.


Even though forms are not required, some schools find that forms make their lives easier, and so they ask homeschoolers to use them. Sometimes, forms created by the school district contain extralegal requests. To deal with this, homeschoolers can simply cross out the extralegal requests, or just submit an education plan instead of the form. We offer a form for our Friends’ use, which is basically the AHEM sample education plan in a different format. If you would like us to send it to you, send an email to info@ahem.info with your name and address. You will be added to the Friends of AHEM list if you are not already on it, or you can add yourself by clicking here.