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Questionnaire on Homeschooling Policies and Practices in Massachusetts

Fill out the AHEM questionnaire

Imagine that your superintendent decides that she wants to ask for work samples in addition to the progress report you already file every year, or asks you to bring your child in for a meeting to be evaluated, or decides he needs three reports a year instead of the one you've been sending. Wouldn't it be useful to be able to find other homeschoolers in Massachusetts who have dealt with the same challenge and get their input and find out what happened? Or what if you want to work with your school committee to revise the homeschooling policy in your town?

We have created a database with the information gathered from the AHEM questionnaire and from actual school policies. It serves as a source of information that is both useful to Massachusetts homeschoolers as a way of getting a dynamic picture of what is going on in the state, while also serving as a resource for people who are working with school officials, arming them with the knowledge of what has happened and is happening in other towns. With such information flowing into a centralized place, we are able to watch for trends and hot spots and help homeschoolers respond to them intelligently, as well as more securely, knowing what others around the state have done to meet challenges in their own communities.

The information is compiled anonymously in a database that can be drawn on by AHEM County Contacts to help homeschoolers in their area and to connect homeschoolers with each other. As events unfold across the Commonwealth, our goal is to be kept informed and so the information acts as both a history and a current picture of homeschooling in Massachusetts. Your help is valued in this ongoing project. Please take a few minutes to fill out the questionnaire. You can also help by encouraging your friends to fill it out, or ask your local support group to publish the link in your local newsletter.

Fill out the AHEM questionnaire about homeschooling policy and practice in your town.