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Nurturing the library-homeschooler relationship

On the rewards of the library-homeschool relationship, with practical suggestions of ways libraries can cultivate relationships with homeschoolers.

A Guide to Homeschooling for Librarians

A Guide to Homeschooling for Librarians by David Brostrom

 (Highsmith Press, 1995; ISBN 0-917846-46-X. While the appendices on homeschooling resources are out of date, the chapters "Reaching Out to the Community of Homeschoolers" and "The Challenges of Serving Homeschoolers" are still relevant.

AHEM talks on homeschooling in Massachusetts

We are available to talk about how homeschooling works in Massachusetts. Our presentation, "Why Homeschool" answers common questions about homeschooling, and leaves time for questions and answers. Handouts are included. Topics covered include reasons to homeschool, different learning styles, different methods of homeschooling, teaching what you don't know, finances, socialization, coping with criticism, the unconvinced spouse, finding resources and materials (including the library of course!), college, finding support and legality/Massachusetts guidelines.

We always enjoy meeting with people interested in homeschooling in Massachusetts. If you would like to host a gathering, contact us to find a mutually agreeable time, and publicize the event to local homeschoolers.