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My name is Dominique and I am eight and a half years old. I live in Watertown, Massachusetts and I really like homeschooling. My favorite things are reading books, science, cooking, computers, and double especially - gymnastics.

I help the Watertown library a lot and I started a Junior Friends club. To help the library, we have fundraisers for the new building and we have parties for holidays and the librarians' birthdays. Because they think I'm cute, the librarians asked me to speak at their big ground breaking ceremony for the new building. I did an awesome story using my stuffed animals as props. It was about how each of the librarians come together to make something special… the library. One of our town councilors was there and she thought my speech was so interesting that she offered to take me into the State House to meet the Lieutenant Governor.

Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey was super nice and she was wearing a beautiful aqua suit. She showed me her office and she told me about her daughter's pet doves. I made her a card with a fancy sacred cod on it and she was impressed that an eight-year-old knew about the sacred cod. I sat in the Governor's Council meeting and met Chris Iannella, who I recognized from television ads because he's a personal injury lawyer. He actually gave me five dollars for the library. It was a fun day.

My most favorite thing in the world is gymnastics. I am competing at level four. My best event is uneven bars and it's my favorite. I have five teammates, two head-coaches, and four helper-coaches. I love front aerials. At my second competition, I got fifth place all around and got a big trophy. I got medals for fifth place on vault, sixth place on balance beam, and eighth place on uneven bars. I think gymnastics is fun because I get to twirl, twist, and meet gymnasts who are better than me so I can learn what I will be able to do if I work hard. The girls on my gymnastics team are fabulous and are really nice to me. I like them soooooooooo much. Bye!