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Houghton's Pond

Mother’s Day Tea and “Homeschooling Beyond ‘Schooling'” discussion

All home educators are welcome to Friday May 10 tea and discussion of homeschooling beyond schooling with special guest Sophia Sayigh of AHEM. We'll talk about the many ways in which facilitating learning at home affects family life, juggling the needs of multiple children, preventing or coping with burnout, self-care, and finding community . This discussion is aimed at people currently home educating, but those considering homeschooling are welcome to attend.

This program will be held on Friday May 10th, 1 - 2:30 pm, rain or shine at Houghton's Pond, in Milton, MA.

Houghton's Pond Park Day is an open and inclusive gathering for families who are, or are interested in, home educating/homeschooling. Our mission is to encourage deeper connections within our diverse community through providing support, social opportunities, and group activities. Find us online at https://houghtonspondparkday.home.blog/.

Photo cred: Houghton's Pond, Milton, MA by John Phelan / CC-BY-SA-3.0

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