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Menotomy Rocks! Homeschool Coop

If you are:

  • a homeschooling parent 18 years old or older,
  • a Friend of AHEM (subscribe for free here)
  • have at least one child born in 2011 or earlier,
  • and live in one of the following towns:
    + Arlington
    + Belmont
    + Cambridge
    + Lexington
    + Medford
    + Somerville
    + Waltham
    + Watertown
    + Winchester

you are invited to join a pilot program designed to help independent homeschoolers get to know each other, share interests and skills, and plan social events, group activities, and field trips together!

The pilot session will run from September 7 – November 16, 2017.

The cost will be $25/family for the 10 week session.

To join,

  • you must agree to the MR!HC guidelines, which will be sent to you after you indicate interest and
  • you must commit to organizing an event or activity for the group and commit to attending at least one event.

Communication will be via an app written just for the purpose of facilitating this network. Members will have a profile where they can list interests and skills they would be willing to share with others in the group. Members will post events that they plan to the group calendar.

Registration is now open.

If you would like info on joining, email info@ahem.info.

Join us for AHEM's Home Learning Book Club! - Chestnut Hill

Come to a lively discussion of Escape from Childhood by John Holt on Thursday, July 27th from 7:30 to 9:00 pm in the café of the Chestnut Hill Wegmans.

Escape from Childhood

"What if children had the right to equal treatment under the law? The right to be legally responsible for their lives and acts? The right to travel, live away from home, choose or make their own homes... the right to do, in general, what any adult may legally do?" ~from the back cover

One of Holt’s more controversial works, this book offers a treatise on the rights of children to participate as full citizens in society and argues for a reconceptualization of the nature of childhood. 

We will focus specifically on the first several chapters (“The Problem of Childhood” through “What Children Need, We All Need”). Please come prepared to share your thoughts and responses as we will talk primarily about the ideas put forth in this portion of the book.

Escape from Childhood is available at many libraries or can be purchased on Amazon  -- clicking through this link for your purchase will help support AHEM. 

The Home Learning Book Club, led by AHEM volunteer Amy Faeskorn, provides homeschooling families with a regular opportunity to read and discuss titles related to learning at home on a wide range of topics. Discussions are extremely open and relaxed. Pre-registration is not required.

Check back here for upcoming events or join our list to be among the first to know!